Netanyahu Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Italian Lawmaker

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With Trump and Netanyahu now apparently being candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Italian politician reportedly expressed hope that they both win this award.

Right-wing Italian politician and Lega party member Paolo Grimoldi has announced that he nominated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the Nobel Peace Prize over the latter’s efforts at normalizing relations with Bahrain and UAE.

As The Times of Israel points out, Grimoldi made this move shortly after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed US-brokered deals with Israel on Tuesday, 15 September, with Netanyahu participating in a signing ceremony alongside the two Gulf states’ foreign ministers that was held in the White House

Delivering this reveal via Twitter, Grimoldi also mentioned “dialogue with KSA & opening of Saudi airspace to Israeli aircraft producing debates on mutual recognition”, and extended his thanks to US President Donald Trump as well.

​The newspaper also notes that, as a Norwegian lawmaker previously nominated US President Donald Trump for the honor, “citing his work in brokering the Israeli-UAE normalization deal”, Grimoldi later expressed hope that both Netanyahu and the POTUS would win the award.

“Now they are both candidates. Now it’s possible!!!” he said.